Who I am?

My name is Anezka, I'm 32 and I founded my brand Anessi. Lover of nature, good food and passionate about the digital world. I am Czech by origin, ''Italian'' by adoption. Graduated in International Development with a focus on sustainable development, I came to Vicenza in 2015 to do an Erasmus internship. Now I'm married and I live in Italy.

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What happened before the creation of the Anessi brand?

At the origin of everything is my passion for cooking, food sustainability, blogging and social media. So in 2021 I created my foodblog Kitchenative. I enjoyed the whole creative process, and I still do. Professionally at the time I dealt with translations and copywriting. Meanwhile my blog Kitchenative was growing; today it has 7k followers on Instagram.

Why did I decide to create my own food brand?

From love of nature to high quality food. Thus was born my brand Anessi. For many years I wanted to develop my reality, build a job that would give me satisfaction. I like to cook, create new recipes but I'm also very passionate about social media. It's a complex job, we start from food production and then work on the digital aspect. We are talking about a very varied creative process. I like all of this very much.

What products do we have?

We sell high quality food for which we use only the best raw materials.

We currently have four flavors of jam on sale:

  • wild blueberry extra jam 75%

  • extra strawberry and pomegranate jam

  • extra mango jam 75%

  • mandarin jam 75%

Our ANESSI jams contain 75% fruit, cane sugar and lemon juice. They are without preservatives, without aromas, without pectin. The jams were made by a historic food company located in the province of Vicenza. We produce in small quantities at a time in order to guarantee maximum freshness of the product.

Three flavors of pesto:

  • rocket and almond pesto

  • basil pesto and pistachios

  • dried tomato and cashew nut pesto

Our ANESSI pestos are without preservatives. They were produced by a Molise farm.


Our motto is 'uncompromising'. What does it mean for us?

We have created genuine products, without preservatives, using quality raw materials. All packaged in glass jars and labeled with martelè paper. For shipments we only use recyclable materials. We pursue and will put all our efforts at the service of environmental sustainability.

Manifesto of the ANESSI company:

  • quality first

  • food sustainability

  • fair play with our customers

  • maximum respect for the environment

  • transparency and work ethics

  • great respect for co-workers


Where to buy ANESSI products?

You can buy our jams and pestos directly on our website. We also sell in various shops in the area - in small shops, in shops with gourmet food and delicatessens. At the moment we are present in Veneto.



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